How risky is it to trade for aj green?

Thinking about sending an offer for green just not sure about it with the injury, is he a good buy low canidate right now or should i avoid him all together? Was considering sending d cook in a package deal.

Don’t do that. There’s talk this could be a season ender. Guestimate at 2-4 weeks? Dalvin just got healthy. You played the waiting game before with an injured player.

As an AJ green owner, I would be ecstatic to take Cook for him 1:1

Ok that settles it then haha thanks for the input.

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Btw, what’s your record, WR depth, andplayoff probability?

I’m heading towards a top 2 finish with a first round bye and most pts scored. I have tyreek, josh Gordon, Tre’Quan Smith, DJ Moore. So I’m able to stash green for the fantasy playoffs … which he has great matchups weeks 14-16.

I’m saying all of this bc I like him as a buy low value if you have depth to send for him. This is all assuming he’s back in the next 2-4 weeks ofc

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started out 0-3 now i’m 5-4, currently the 5 seed with 3 6-3 players right in front of me. The 6 seed is one game behind me but the next closest to him is 3-6 so i should make the playoffs just fine. my wrs are diggs, gordon, jones jr, baldwin, and sutton with m gordon cmc d cook a jones and chubb at rb. i drafted wrs as poorly as a person could (fitz rd 3 baldwin rd4) and it took me all season to make them respectable but i want to make them a bit better for the playoffs/ down the stretch. would you wait a week and see what reports say, send a trade now, or just stick with the rb depth?

In the right situation, he’s a good bye-low candidate for sure, but I don’t think Dalvin Cook is buying low.

Green is possibly back week 12-13 best case? If your Green owners needs wins now, they could reasonably take any player better than the one they are plugging in to cover Green.

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Maybe start with Aaron jones for AJ 1:1