How’s this offer for Kamara?

Got a trade here to get Kamara from a team that is destroyed by injuries, he wants Mike Williams and Henderson thought. Might be able to substitute AB and Sutton for Mike.

I have Zeke, mixon, Henderson, gainwell, l Murray and singletary. At wr have cooper, AB, Sutton, m Williams, laviska and Timmy P.

I want to take because RBs will be set for the year but don’t know if can part with Mike Williams, what do you guys think?

I think your top 3 RBs look great right now - Henderson is a low-end RB1 rest of season if he stays healthy, and Mike Williams has proven he’s a WR1. They both have injury risks though. I don’t think you are gaining that much going from Henderson to Kamara actually, or at least much less than one would have thought a couple weeks ago. I’m on the fence about this one. Your RBs would be killer with Kamara, and it’s fine to roll with AB, Cooper, and Sutton, they are all good plays. But Williams has probably put your team over the top so far. I’d try to get another depth piece back at least if you want to make that deal.

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Yes I agree! His bench is insanely bad so would only be able to get like e sanders or aiyuk maybe. Think will just ride with the depth! Just am 2-3 so wanted to make a move (had 170 scored on me twice and lost by .4 with Lamar week 1)