How should I change my team?

I am 4-2 and have made lots of moves after starting out 1-2. This is a standard 14 man league. My team currently

QB: Dalton
RB: Zeke, Mccoy, Ito Smith, Chris Thompson, Chris Ivory, Rod Smith, Mostert
WR: AB, Keenan Allen, Cooks, Willie Snead
TE: Engram, Uzomah
D/ST: rams
K: SG3

I am trying to upgrade my TE, but the same person owns Kelce and Ertz and will not give either up because he loves to play them both. I tried the gronk owner but the trade we made got vetoed by the league. Are there any other moves I should be making. I will try the Gronk owner again.

Thanks for the feedback in advance.

Any advice is great! Thanks

Please help! Thanks

Kittle is a good te target. I have him and would be willing to trade him for good value. He doesn’t have that name value that gronk ertz and kelce have and coming off his 2nd lowest point total of the season the owner might be a little down on his outlook.