How sold are you on McKinnon?

He looked good last night, fighting for yards, lowering his head like a ram every time and catching the ball. I’m getting some offers for him. What kind of value do you expect out of him the rest of the season and what kind of trades would you accept for him?

Depends on your league who is available?

What do you need?

Its obviously a sell high or hold for you.

@FantasyFootballer 1-4 after Drafting David Johnson, D. Murray, and Woodhead as my first 3 RBs. Fought to get the below RBs.

Doug Martin
M. Ingram
Buck Allen
McKinnon & L.Murray

D. Adams
D. Parker
D. Amendola
D. Baldwin

I would like a solid RB2 to play in the lineup every week which Im not sold on McKinnon yet after 1 week although everything I’ve heard has made me want to hold on to him