How terrible is my dynasty team post startup draft and trades? Is there potential to be good year 1 at all?


QB Russell Wilson
RB Austin Ekeler
RB Kareem Hunt
WR D.K. Metcalf
WR Dede Westbrook
TE O.J. Howard
FLEX Sony Michel
FLEX Raheem Mostert
FLEX Nyheim Hines


QB Drew Lock
RB T.J. Yeldon
RB Justin Jackson
RB Dion Lewis
WR Marvin Jones Jr.
WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside
WR Miles Boykin
WR Zach Pascal
WR Andy Isabella
TE Greg Olsen
TE Jordan Atkins
TE Foster Moreau


1.06 -
2.11 -
3.06 -
3.08 -
3.12 -
4.01 -

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how did this even happen? did you take Russ in the first three rounds or something?


^ This, was Russ your 1.01 i can’t work out how this would happen otherwise? I think the trades will shed some light, who did you trade away for those extra 3rds and who else did you get back?

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I made a lot of trades. Prob too many.

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It’s hot garbage. I think I’m blind!

Just kidding. I do not think it is really that bad. There is a strange lack of top end players, but your depth is pretty strong. It feels like you are heavy in the upside players and hoping some things break your way. Here’s what I see:

QB: Love it. In on Wilson and Lock is a fantastic 2nd guy

RB: Ekeler / Hunt should be good and if they get repeat seasons even with some regression, you should still have a RB1 / RB2. After that, it falls fast. Mostert I like more than most, so I can see him as RB3 w/ RB1 potential on any given week. Hines might get a boost from PRivers and I really like Jackson with Ekeler. Sony does and has always scared me. TJY should be the second guy in BUF, not sure why he won’t be & I love his talent. Lewis now in NYG? might get some play behind Barkley. So there are strong upsides, but also extreme floors.

WR: Hard to go wrong with DK paired with Wilson, but his top end might be capped in SEA. I think he is a WR2/High WR3. Westbrook keeps teasing, but I am not surprised if Marvin becomes your WR2. JJAW / Isabella ought to be good for bye weeks. Boykin and Pascal are two of my favorites for this season to step up an show out. But ATM they have maybe only FLEX potential.

TE: I think OJH turns it on with TB12. I think that might be a very underrated pick up. Olsen / Atkins are likely non-factors, but Moreau is very intriguing. I think he starts to eat into Waller this season, but not sure how much.

Read your board, but this is what I would be looking at. You really only need one of the TE, so do not take 3. And I would prioritize them last. That is, if you like a different player, take that guy over TE 100%.

1.06 - WR unless a top 4 RB falls
Try to trade this back into a later 1st + earlier 2nd. Give a late 3rd if you need to, but don’t start out offering it. If no takers, I like the top WRs. It’s that the 2nd tier is not really too far off.
2.11 - WR
3.06 - TE / RB
3.08 - TE / RB
3.12 - TE / RB / QB
4.01 - Dealer’s choice

All in all, I think you have a solid team but I am not seeing a deep playoff run. That said, you have some good bones to build around and with some luck you might have caught some players before they are ‘household’ names. That said, I suggest moving any of those guys if they have a hot week for a more reliable asset / future pick.

Definitely only my thoughts on this, but I hope it helps.