How the F do I use this ESPN app. Need Your Expertise

I am use to using the save platform at work but was invited to a new league: (new to me ESPN).

It has a keeper component. (three keepers). I am taking over a team.

When I signed up and looked at autodraft , the first three autopicks are shaded a darker tone AND then the rest of the next 11 rounds are a lighter color.

I do not understand this? Does this mean because of my 3 keepers I will not get those first 3 picks. Do I leave them empty. Do I only worry about the autopick for the next 11 rounds???

Just do not get it and since it’s a timed draft I do not want to figure it out during draft.

I do not think Ill need autodraft but I want to know how it works.

Any info helps AND any suggestions about the ESPN app vs other apps and how it differs would be GREAT…