How to Ambush

Got laughed and scoffed at on here for stating Latavius was a strong ambush candidate a few weeks ago.

Not looking for pats on the back at all. Ambushes are extremely risky. There are however ways to mitigate the risk as much as possible. Ambushes are also conducted against a superior foe in most cases so no matter what, they are always the superior force. No way around it.

With that being said, Malcolm Brown. Pretty much worthless right? No. He just had a good game based off of a lead and resting Gurley. If Gurley goes down or, his volume is reduced with playoffs in sight, you just had a successful ambush. Probably the best ambush this season. I picked him up. Burying myself with leaves and waiting it out.

Are you re-branding ‘handcuffs’?


I would not call it re-labeling the handcuff. At least not for me. Gurley owner has 3 QB’s . Who does that? He also has two TE’s and he starts them.

Almost nobody is beating the Gurley owner last year or this year.

If you have any better ideas I am open to them but if the handcuff is out there, stop trying to make your roster better and go get the Gurley handcuff. That is the best strategy to beat them. Odds of Gurley going down are extremely high with that level of work. Teams also want to kill him at this point.

Sounds like handcuffing

If it is then why is Gurley’s backup still mostly available. Not much handcuffing going on at all. And why not call it flex cuffing. Those are used more than handcuffs so why not call it that?


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Haha call it what you like, I’m just saying the concept is the same.

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The ambush is apparently a specific type of handcuff. It’s handcuffing someone else’s RB1…

However, it sounds more fun for the Gurley owner to pick up Brown with the sole purpose of ambushing him. Take that, Gurley!


Is the goal simply to sabatoge the Cook owner, or are you using it for leverage in some type of trade? Or perhaps payback because the Cook owner has wronged you in some way?

I think it is more about winning the Todd Gurley Bowl. Also, a handcuff is not a handcuff if the counterpart of the starter is being started. If the starter goes down that to me is an ambush. The non-Gurley owner needed Gurley to go down. That to me is an ambush, not an handcuff. Ambushes, although well coordinated are an act of desperation. It could be a complete fail or, it could be a massive stroke of luck berzkness. Not the same thing as a handcuff.

Sounds an awful lot like buying a lottery ticket where an injury to Gurley is the payout from your perspective.

The downside of course is that you’re buying and holding the lottery ticket for all of the other Non-Gurley owners in the league. If your league isn’t that deep or competitive, you’re missing out on waiver options that could help you each week.

I am maxed out on waiver pick ups. I got almost all of them. Boyd, Chubb, Ridley, Clemente. There are no other options. Trading in my league is frowned upon and takes an act of congress to get one through so that is off the table.

Last resort is go for this ambush. Start the backup because no matter what, law of averages, it takes 2-3 players to overcome Gurley.

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I like the “ambush” more as a leverage play. You do it because you want something from another team and getting their handcuff is what motivates them to trade. Works best if the target is a league leader, because they have the most to lose if their RB1 goes down. Sure you can just hold Malcolm Brown but if they’re willing to give you something that will make your team better, I’d prefer that option rather than waiting for an injury that may never occur. Once you pick him up, you can’t drop him though. You’ve got to go all in.

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True. No way I am dropping him. Option one is hope Fournette returns to give me a chance. Option two is the ambush. Get the handcuff way earlier and sit on it like a rotten egg until it turns into gold. Not many will be beating Gurley in the playoffs based off of last year. I don’t think people really understand it yet.

I suspect any Gurley owner with a play-off bound team would be willing to trade if you have Brown, tell them Brown will never be dropped, that Brown becomes untouchable if Gurley gets injured or if you become eliminated from playoff contention, and that your asking price goes up with every week that passes.

Of course, they would have to believe you and you would have to be willing to follow through.

Trading is not an option is this league. They are staunch against all trades. Picking up Brown is an option B plan that I exercised even though I still have option A which is Fournette returning on the table.

I have analyzed this with great detail. If both fail then I am ok with it. I did everything possible to counter this likely 7-1 Gurley owner. I can at least hang my hat on it. Those who can defeat a Gurley owner I salute you.

I beat the Gurley Owner…its really not that hard if you build your team right.

I commend you but in my league it’s not reality. I did build the team right. He’s stashing 3 QB’s and 2 TE’s and sitting back. Outside of Hunt, it take two players to take out Gurley or just uncommon luck. Take White, incredible game last week but still, another player is still required to over power him.

I’m not talking about blind luck. I’m talking about strategies that might work in a league where trades are not going to happen. Only one trade in 3 years and it took a couple of weeks of debates.

Sounds like ambushing is your only way. Revolutionary.

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I just don’t see the value in what you call ‘‘ambush’’ Sounds like you don’t take advantage of the waiver wire or do research. What the other guy is doing, is just strategy to prevent scoring against him. If he has the team and fire power to stash, than he has built a great team. But I wish you well in your endeavor.

sorry for going off topic here and sorry if I missed the answer somewhere above, but why can’t you trade?

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