How to approach odd roster settings

Im in a 14 man standard league with odd roster settings (below). I have the 14th pick…how would y’all approach the first 4 rounds?

1 QB
1 RB
1 K
1 D/ST

By taking the best players available while avoiding huge risks because it’s the first four rounds, everyone is good.

With only having to start ONE RB though and being able to start up to 4 wideouts, get the studliest RB you can get at the 1/2 turn, and then stuff your butt with WRs.

I have a feeling it will only be Cook there but he doesn’t exactly scream sturdy!

Yeah he does have his injury history and it’s a concern, but It’s a not as risky as say a hold out Gordon and things like that. I mean yeah everyone isn’t perfect, but dude is going to get sooooo much volume on a run-orientated offence.

If you’re that concerned over Cook, spend a 10th on Mattison and button up the Vikings backfield. Ya only need 1 RB anyway.

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