How to buy a win when you cannot lose

On the show, Jason talks about strategic trading…like sending a Week 9 bye player to your opponent in Week 9. What are some other strategies you can employ to scrape out a win and give yourself the best chance of winning possible? (For context…third highest scorer in the league started 1-6…just started my seven game winning streak to make the playoffs at 8-6…but gotta get crafty).

I just made a good deal on paper (Tate for Diggs full PPR) and after tonight I am very happy about my prospects, but it was mostly done because the other guy a)Had Theilan and had lost the last two games because the last two performances by the Vikings did not support both WR and b) he knew that Tate had already had his bye and that Diggs hadn’t. We have the same record and I might end up better in the end, but he got a way more consistent floor and better WR for what would have been his bye week if he had been forced to play the wire. Meanwhile, I have to manage my way through an additional bye.

I’ve been very active in my league in terms of trading. In terms of buying wins it’s easies to do so weeks in advance. It’s not just byes, it’s matchups too. Make fair trades and try to create incremental upgrades and always keep an eye on ALL schedules, most fantasy players only look at the NFL player’s schedule but not their own, look for every advantage and exploit it :wink: