How to create Trades

I am in a 10 man PPR league but there is never any trades everyone just rejects them, what’s the best way to start getting trades to go through and make it more exciting?

From my experience, a communication platform is key for making trades. Assuming you have one in place make offers via DM or enquire if players are available for trade. This can lead to negotiation which can lead to making a trade. Don’t stop at just one other league manager. You should anticipate rejections or people turning down your advances. But keep trying. Law of averages suggests someone will make a deal.

From my experience I think the best way is to create a conversation. Ask them if they are interested in moving the guys youre interested in and ask them if there are any guys they would be interested in on your team, could be a good way to start the conversation. Or maybe mention you are week in one area and they are pretty strong in that area but maybe weekend in another (this is tricky because you don’t want it to come off like you’re roasting them). Also try to avoid talking up your players too much and never talk down the players you are trying to get.