How to deal with a league that loses a team mid-draft?

1st timer on Sleeper and I decided to do a start-up dynasty league there but now it’s been derailed by a team owner that left the league in the middle of the draft. I’m at a loss as to how to salvage the league. What options do I have at this point? Someone suggested I delete the only team that didn’t attend the draft and just make it a 10 team league but the draft paused with 2 picks remaining when the other team left. Plus I don’t know what the fairest thing would be to deal with the players from those 2 teams that would now be FAs. Please give me some ideas as to what my options are.

Another team has asked if I can do the following:

Of the 12 rosters, the only team that isn’t full is the team that didn’t show at all for the draft. If I could delete that team there would be 10 teams with left with one other full roster and one with all but 2 positions filled. What I don’t know is if I did this would Sleeper move the status to draft complete and release all the players from the other 2 now ownerless teams to the FA pool and thereby keep the league viable.

Has anyone ever experienced this to know if this would work?

Delete the two teams, make it a 10 team and start the draft over again.

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Update: Sleeper showed me how to end the draft and reduce the league to 10 teams with the remaining 10 teams having all the players they drafted. The issue now is how to deal with the players from those 2 teams that are released to the FA pool.

FAAB waivers.

Turns out we need to do a supplemental draft to deal with those players and reduce the league to 10 teams.