How to deal with collusion

If you catch 2 owners obviously colluding do you allow them to continue to stay in the league?

how are they colluding? a league im in had an issue once, but was fixed by utilizing the veto button. We had gotten a little lazy in our 5th year but once the rest of the league started paying attention, we never had the issue since. Plus the whole league black balled them for 2 years, they never got the votes to make any trade haha.

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Yeah this is tough. For the most part, the fantasy world would say veto buttons are obnoxious and shouldn’t be necessary. I generally leave the veto feature turned off and just make all trades require 24hr review period or commissioner approval. This way, if something fishy comes up and you are concerned, you can put out a poll on the league chat and ask if other people think it is collusion. If you get a majority, you cancel it and warn the players not to do it again. If they keep doing it, replace them and inform them they are being obnoxious.

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Thanks for the feedback! It’s very much appreciated.

For a little context… 2 guys came in together, they go to college together. One guy was doing great drafting, other guy was tanking bad! SF league and at 13th round guy only had 1 qb, Watson and qb’s were gone. Also rush yard premium, guy only had 2 RB’s so towards end of 13th in the middle of the night the guy tanking sent his 1st round pick, JT, to his buddy for a song. So I called them out for colluding. And they go to school for sports journalism and said they play lots of fantasy. So the guy should not have been tanking in the draft. I will say it was my first time running a low money league with an hour clock, really drew in a younger crowd. My other leagues were all 8 hour clock and lowest is $50 a year, my other 2 are $75 a yr with $25 a yr going into empire pot, and last is $150 a year with $1000 to 1st place.