How to deal with continuous collusion/poor trades

Hey guys, just wanted some input on how you dealt with collusion in your leagues. I am a commissioner for a 12-team PPR league. This is our 4th year and I intend on continuing this league in the future. I normally run 8 or 10-team leagues, however, this season, we added several new players this season. One of the players (Player A) invited a coworker (Player B) and friend of his to play. It just so happen that this season that Player A now holds the top record and Player B holds the worst records. The league noticed that both of those players have been offering poor trades in the past weeks which is making the entire league uneasy. The league has vetoed ALL of their trade offers to each other for the past 3 weeks (a total of 6 votes are required to veto). The league obviously senses collusion since they are coworkers and good friends, in addition to the record discrepancy of one player being #1 and the other being #12. I have already brought this up to the the entire league and have addressed previous trade offers from these two players. I have also vetoed, as commissioner, one of their trade offers.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I can do to intervene? They have once again offer to trade the following:

Player # 1 trades: Case Keenum, T. Williams, D. Williams, H. Henry
Player #2 Trades: K. Cousins, M. Crabtree, Z. Ertz. Drops: D. Moncrief

I hope to keep this league in the future. Please help me keep this league. Thanks!

Is this a re-draft league? No draft picks or keepers?

If the trades are blatantly unbalanced, you have to keep vetoing. Let them know that it’s not cool to collude just because one team is out of the race. It’s unfair to the other teams. And if it persists you may have to think about removing them from the league, worst case scenario. Go back to a 10 team league.

If everyone else is competing and being fair and you have 2 bad seeds then that’s just not fair to the others. Give them a warning and a fair chance to stop, but if they don’t then you might consider kicking them next year.

Or, if that’s too extreme, as commissioner you can implement a ban on trading just for those specific teams. (Auto-veto, though I could see that trickling down and having effects on the rest of the league that trades fairly)

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Non-redraft league, no draft picks, no keepers. I confronted one of the players and we shall see what happens. Thanks for your advice!

worst comes to worst you can lock their rosters too, no moves at all only can swap within their own roster.


Honestly I would approach both in a private message. Be honest with them. Tell them why this is collusion and it’s not ok. If they get all uptight about it then I would just continue to do what you’re doing and not invite them back next season.

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