How to draft a 7 keeper league

I’ve done 2-3 keeper leagues before, but am joining a 10 team, single qb, 7 keeper league this year. It’s not quite a dynasty league since it’s only 8 bench spots, or a redraft league, it’s kind of in the middle. Should I use more of a redraft or dynasty draft approach?

What are the terms for keeping them? Next year’s pick in the same round? Auction Salary? How many years do you get to keep them?

It’s on espn so however many players you end up keeping (don’t have to keep all 7 if you don’t want) then they just count as your first picks. Because of it I’m leaning toward more of a redraft approach early on, but would appreciate any advice!

If there’s no limits to how many years you can keep a guy, there’s some advantages to getting a young stud beyond just treating it like a redraft. I’d definitely use that as a tiebreak between a Jonathan Taylor vs. a Derrick Henry, or wouldn’t go nearly as high on Kelce as I would on a straight redraft. I guess that means I would probably take more of a “win-now dynasty” approach for the first 8ish rounds, and then gather redraft depth after that.

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