How to draft with Tiers properly?

Kind of a weird question but just got me thinking;

Been using the ballers draft kit for 3 years now (this being year 3) and i’ve treated it like gospel, drafting the highest tier available players and mostly having success (2 second place finishes and 1 4th), but i’m wondering now if i’m doing it wrong.

How do you balance ADP with the ballers tier system at the same time mid draft, for example it’s the fourth round and DJ Chark is still available. He’s the 13th ranked reciever for the Ballers, but his ADP is a 5th round pick. Do you reach up and grab him since he’s the better WR, or do you grab someone with a 4th round ADP highly ranked in the tier and then wait and see if Chark falls to 5th?

Let me know what ya’ll think

great question. Curious what better FF players than me have to say.

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Bumping to the top

Our hosts have answered this a few times on the show. Basically, if you are okay with leaving the draft without having that player on your roster, then play the ADP game and see if he comes back to you. If you can’t stand the thought of leaving the draft without that player, then take him where you need to ensure you get him, without overdoing it and reaching too far, i.e. 2+ rounds early.