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How to even point totals for 6pt passing Tds

Last season our league voted to make passing TDs worth 6 points instead of 4. I’m personally not a fan of this, but it’s what was voted on. So, last season Patrick Mahomes happened and a lot of the people were upset about the added points for passing touchdowns. I tried warning them but you know how it is. (even the guy who owned Mahomes said he felt like it wasn’t fair). It’s about 50/50 on voting the rule back to 4 points, but I wanted to offer a solution.

Instead of just giving QBs a bump, how about adding bonus points to receiving and rushing totals. So when a player gets over 100 yards in either category they get an amount of bonus points added to their score. My quesion is how many points should they be awarded to even out the playing field a bit?

Every league I play in is a 6pt per passing TD. As far as I’m concerned that is the default.

How many points in your league does one get for a receiving or rushing TD? If it’s 4, than I would suggest moving it to 6. If it’s 6, than I would say it’s already even.

I don’t personally think making a scoring change should occur based on one year’s results. Fifty touchdown is historic. Not the norm.

To answer your question, If you add a yardage bonus for 100 yards I would suggest 1-3 points.

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It’s 6 pts for receiving or rushing TDs. I just think at 6pts for a passing TD when QBs are throwing for 30+ touchdowns it makes the position pretty dominant in the league. Just on their TD passes alone, they would’ve finished as RB11 and WR7 in non PPR leagues. Not including their yardage totals.

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Every league I run is 6 pt passing TD. Every type of TD is worth 6 pts like in real life. Imo that should be the default option. I am not a fan of bonus points at all. I also have 0.1 points per completion (10=1 pt) and have no complaints. QBs should be valued higher in fantasy and 6 pt TDs makes this happen. Mahomes had a once in a lifetime season so it won’t be happening every season. I feel like a rule change shouldn’t take place because everyone knows the scoring and see that QBs are going to put up significant numbers. So if they chose not to value QBs any higher then that’s on them.

Mahomes should be 1.01 in your draft then.

The points per completion only added 38.3 more points so it’s not a huge boost