How to feel about Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson has been leading the team in targets since week 3. He’s facing a Seahawk’s defense which has been good against a favorable matchup but have let up touchdowns to WRs in 4 out of 5 games. Would you start him in your flex or consider him a WR2 this week and what is your outlook on Jordy for the rest of the season?

I have Jordy in one of my leagues and it’s worked out for me. For me in comes down to not valuing Amari. He just doesn’t perform and when he does, it’s out of the blue. Jordy has been a monster before and I’ve heard the Ballers say that his game speed hasn’t slowed down. I think there’s a good reason Carr keeps throwing him TDs and not Amari.

I say Jordys a good flex option and I feel good about him ROS.

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Would you Flex him over Crowell this week or move him into the WR2 spot and bench Sanders if you were me, those are basically my only options at winning this week

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That’s hard. Because Crowell didn’t practice this week except Friday and that was limited. Yet he’s still playing against the Colts. I’d probably keep sanders and Nelson on your lineup and bench Crowell.