How to feel on a botched draft

So our commish messed up the settings and limited rosters to 3 rb and 3 wr no one knew in the draft until the 3rd of either was drafted and then you no longer could see any of that position. Rather quiet league only 2 of us voted redraft. Idk how i should feel it definitely messed the draft order of players up. everyone was forced 2 kickers 2 defense and 2 te. Now they went and added an extra spot to each rb and wr but that allowed everyone to just raid the waivers for first come first serve on those that should have been drafted.

Stick it out and just deal or step out of the league?

My team isnt compete garbage but certainly not what it should have been

bench is

If they’re good buddies and there’s no money on the line…just stick it out and quickly find another league so you can draft how you want and feel good about it. Also probably volunteer to take over commish duties or find a league that has the action and commitment you want (reading “quiet league” as not the most active).

If you don’t really care too much about it then bail! Either way, think you need another league to play in anyway

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Thanks pretty much exactly what you said. Good friends lack of commitment, money on the line and defending the title i think means i have to stay just frustrated with it all. thanks for the outlook on it though.

Also i do have a second league where things went normal guess ill just try to take that one more serious usually its the other way around.

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