How to get Kittle

10 team PPR, I am 2-2 about to be 2-3 I think. I am looking to trade for a TE. Kittle, Engram and Waller are likely available. Not sure who to package for them. Here is my team. Any thoughts?

You have to look and see what those teams need. If they need a RB then send a package with a RB, vice versa with WR. I wouldn’t give up any of your top WR’s or RB’s for a TE so I would almost always send a package of lower end guys. Maybe that other owner still believes in Howard, you could include him plus a WR/RB. I honestly wouldnt hold onto Hunter Henry anymore, I’m sure Gerald Everett is still on waivers.

I was already offered Aaron Rodgers and Kittle for Hopkins and Montgomery. I obviously declined. Kittle owner needs RB/WR help so I offered Singletary/Shepard or Singletary/Boyd and got rejected. I also offered Singletary for Waller and got rejected. I think peple are overvaluing their TEs at this point so thats why I am having trouble. Are Jacobs and Montgomery untouchable for a TE (other than the big 3-4) in your opinion?

I would offer boyd and williams for kittle and feel good about that especially since i like jacobs and singeltary moving forward much more then howard maybe you throw in a curtis samuel or djax and bring back another lower player on their team but kittle is about to break out so his buy low is quickly shutting

I just texted the Kittle owner that offer. We will see what he says. I agree with you that it is a good deal, but I am not sure he will agree.

I own kittle myself and almost found my self selling him and i know i would take a deal like that if i needed the bodies

If I was the Kittle wonder and I was offered Boyd and Williams, I would definitely accept that if I needed help at WR/RB. And Kittle’s window to buy low is slowly going down. If he has another down game though, that owner is probably going to be panicking. Will likely be able to get him cheaper!

UPDATE: Offer accepted! Thanks guys!


Nice man! Gotta love it when a plan comes together? Now let’s hope Kittle starts having monster games.