How to get mccoy

So my team is 1-4 in .5ppr the team that has McCoy is 3-2

My team is
Matt Ryan
Keenan Allen
Adam thielen
Aaron Jones
Javorious Allen
Trey Burton
Alshon Jeffery
Matt Bryant
Chargers D
With my bench is
Kenny G
Josh Gordon
Larry fitz
Corey Clement just got him today

The man that has shady has
Andy Dalton
Sterling Sheppard
Mike Evans
Cameron brate
Shady McCoy
Will Lutz
Philly D
On his bench
Matt brieda
Austin hopper
Kenny stills
Desean Jackson
Dede Westbrook
Even engram

Anyways my question is I really want to aqure shady with the potential trade to Philly or any team…what’s the best trade offer? I’m hurting at rb and need some wins but don’t want to give away too much or get instantly denied as a joke to the owner…any help please and thanks??

Kenny G + Royce might do the trick

That feels like a lot to give up but I dunno that’s why I’m asking lol

Maybe just kenny? I dont know how highly the person rates shady though!

I mean I value golloday over someone like Fitz or Jeffery right now but maybe I’m wrong?

I don’t think the owner will take Jeffery or Fitz for McCoy thi

worth a shot