How to get started with DFS?

Looking for some good sources to get started in DFS. Do you guys know of a couple good places / articles to get started with?

I’m pretty sure some of the writers on here had some from the start of the year. I just got started in DFS by doing $1-2 leagues and figuring it out myself (but I’m not looking for massive wins - I Just do it for fun). I don’t know for a fact, but I’m sure Reddit has some good resources too.

Thanks CGrass18. Wasn’t even thinking Reddit but definitely be checking them out.

I just started doing some of the draft $1-3 games. They also have free ones way at the bottom of the list.

Listen to the dfs podcast mike wright does every Friday as well

On draft they also have Dream team drafts where it isn’t a draft but like other DFS sites but there is no budget. Yo can literally pick any 5 players you want.

I play 25¢ games do about 4 to 8 per week usually get my money back I play dk lots of fun