How to handle Ajayi

I am an owner of Ajayi and have been disappointed like all the other Ajayi owners…

Will he be the new hotness with the Eagles or do I sell him to another owner as the new hotness? I could probably use a little more help at receiver, but could always use a #1 rb if I think Ajayi has that upside now since I have a roster full of #2 rbs.

Full PPR
RBs - Ajayi, D Martin, J Mixon, D Murray, CJ Anderson, W Smallwood, R Kelley
WRs - G Tate, P Garcon, A Thielen, TY Hilton, C Davis

Unfortunately I want nothing to do with Ajayi so he’s probably gonna have to stay with you ROS.

If he’s good then great for you but if he’s in a RBBC with Blount getting all the goal line work and Smallwood getting passing downs then he will continue to disappoint owners.

I’m keeping hold of Ajayi, it sucks that he has a Week 10 bye, but it should give him the time to truly get a roll on in Week 11! Not sure how much he’ll be able to run vs. Denver this week. I still believe in his talent and Philadelphia could be the place for him after starting to fall out of favour with Gase in Miami.