How to handle tanking teams?

I am the commish in a keeper league and last season I had a team that was well out of playoff contention and started trading some of his top talent (CMC and Hill) for future draft picks. Now I will say these were fair trades and no collusion was involved but some other players got upset because it was “ruining the integrity of the league”.

Personally I don’t have a problem with it because like I said there was no collusion but it ruffled enough feathers that I thought I’d get the footclans advice.

Thanks in advance!

The fastest way to ruin the “integrity of the league” is to limit managers their freedom to make decisions they feel is going to help them win. If your league allows future draft pick trading, then your league is accepting that sometimes playing the long game over the short game is in a team’s best interest.

You could build incentives in your league to give everyone something to play for throughout the season. They could be weekly incentives for “most points for” or award a team pulling an upset, or a penalty for finishing last for a week or for a season. There are lots of options and your league can have fun coming up with those.

Simply put, if a league wants to encourage or discourage a behavior, your first step is to look at the incentives behind the behavior. Change the incentives, and the behavior will follow.

Good luck.