How to handle "unfair trades" situation

Hi all,

I’ve been a commissioner of multiple Fantasy Leagues since 2012. Been trying to be as fair and unbiased as possible, so only commissioner is able to Veto trades. I’ve only exercised this right once, and it was recently.

This all started when someone proposed to me:
Ezekiel Elliott for my David Montgomery and Robert Woods

This trade caused an uproar from 3 of the 14 teams, with them stating this trade was HEAVILY favoring the Zeke acquirer and setting that team up for too much success.

(Keep in mind, in a 14 team league with 2 RBs 2WRs and 2 Flex’s with 6 bench spots… the waivers are very very thin. Especially in this COVID state, depth is extremely valuable.)

The 3 teams in uproar are stating the trade is ridiculous, and they should have voting powers to veto unfair trades. If I do not allow players to vote on vetoes next year, they will not be apart of the league.

I messaged the community stating that we set up the league so all trades go through without any outsider say in the matter. 2 of the 3 teams got together to try and prove a point. They set up a trade between themselves:
Kareem Hunt & Joe Mixon
Frank Gore, Robert Tonyan, Zach Pascal & DeSean Jackson

This is the first trade I’ve ever rejected; again, causing an absolute uproar between those 3 teams. “I thought all trades go through, this is clear proof that the commissioner is rigging this league!”

That team is now shipping out Kareem Hunt and Joe Mixon to nearly every team for trash players, just to “prove a point” and get a response from me.

My initial thoughts… Good riddance! Don’t want those types of players in the League. I do not want to refund them their money and lock their teams, I feel that is a bit aggressive.

What should be my response/approach to this situation? Should I have approved that lop-sided trade with Mixon and Hunt? I feel that would’ve impacted the entire league when they were just trying to “prove a point” to me. Looking for thoughts on this.


I dont view the zeke trade as that unfair to be honest. I would not accept it but its ok for my understanding.

The following situation sounds just completwly messed up and i dont see you ending that season without taking the zeke trade back und maybe give a better player instead of monty or woods. Even if the trade is ok for most other teams.