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How to honor a fallen league member

The league I’m in recently lost a league member/past league champion in a car crash (Florida sheriffs deputy who was hit by drunk driver while responding to a domestic disturbance). What would be the best way for the league to honor him? I’m thinking a trophy of some sort, but for what accomplishment? Regular season champ? Most points?
Any suggestions?

So sorry to hear about the loss of your league member. That stinks. This topic is probably a good one for the whole league to discuss. I imagine the best way to honor a league member that has lost their life would vary from league to league. I think both of your ideas are good though and should be included in the conversation.

Definitely a trophy. I think whatever accomplishment you think would a) be valued by the league members and b) honors the fallen member. Both of your ideas seem solid. I’d pick the one that the league members deem most important. If historically they value the regular season championship the most, then pick that. If people like to brag about most points and that’s a highlight of your league then go with most points.

In my league one of our members unfortunately passed away a couple years ago, since then we’ve named our league after him and have a trophy in his honor. Kind of like how the superbowl has the vince lombardi trophy we name our fantasy champion trophy after him.

Our league admins have renamed the championship trophy in his honor, which was really nice.