How to keep your head up

I started this year off hot riding my way to a 4-1 record and sitting on top of my league. Now, 3 weeks later I am 4-4 and sitting in 6th place. How do you guys go about keeping your head on and not rage quoting or making bad desperation trades?

personally, i would think to myself that 4-4 (despite having 3 rough weeks) is still not a bad place to be in.

Still have several weeks to gain some ground and get a higher playoff seed, and once you make the playoffs those are the only games that will really matter anyways.

Last year our 6th seed, who had a 7-6 record going into the playoffs, ended up winning the whole thing.

Tons of time left bud

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I had to battle early season tilt this year, after starting 1-3(I am 5-3 now). What I did was look at the positives and wear the negatives as a badge of honor.

For me the positives were:

  1. I led the league in points for(I still do and widened the margin)
  2. had a good team & high waiver priority(used it and high leverage trades to make a great team)

For me the negatives were:

  1. Most points against(I’ve dropped to second)

After looking at my situation and evaluating my matchups moving forward, I navigated byes by buying wins via trade. Looked towards other struggling teams and used their tilt to make 2 for one trades for their studs to fill injury and bye week holes in their roster.

All in all you are sitting at .500 and likely still in playoff position or at least in striking distance, continue looking at the waiver wire to shore up depth and stay vigilant for opportunities to improve your team.

Hope this helps

I started off 3-0 then went to 4-3. It made me sort of upset since I was close in every matchup but I have turned this week around and won so im in contention for first. Every week I lost I just kept looking at my players trying to see who would work the best and score the most points, I had good success with all my streamers except for njoku this week. Just keep on going. you should be in a decent spot for the playoffs if you win some more games

Im 4-4 too and Im pretty confident with my team. You just have to stay focus and do the right moves.