How to manage injuries

0.5 PPR scoring. I am having some major injury issues with with almost half my roster either out or questionable. In order to field a team i have to consider the following:

D. Jackson, M. Williams, D. Adams, T. Coleman R. Penny all injured in some capacity and may not play Sunday.
M. Jones Jr. on bye
C. Thompson, Du. Johnson i have to likely start or pick up replacements

L. Jackson, JJSS, G. Kittle, G. Allison (picked up due to Adams injury), S. Michel are healthy and likely I have to start them

is there anyone you would cut to pick up the following:

G. Tate, A. Tate, Diontae Johnson, T. Cohen, N. Hines

Waivers run again at 9 pm so i have time to put ins some new claims