How to manage QB heavy home league drafts - Any Advice Appreciated

I’m in a 12 person standard redraft home league 2 years in, looking to move to full PPR for this year. I’ve won the last two years, mostly from the wire and in standard format with an RB heavy approach but my drafts haven’t been as solid as I’d like and when I look back at who was on the board at certain points I really could and should have built juggernaut teams both years.

Doing my research and initial mocks now but one area that is hard to replicate is mock drafts using ECR don’t put anywhere close to as much value on the QB position as most of my home league does. So while I mock draft pretty well, I find it hard to stick to a strategy in my home league draft due the crazy QB run that happens early.

How is this best managed, do I stick to the WR/RB early approach, maybe take an elite TE if one falls into the 4th or 5th and then glace at QB when I’ve got at least 3-4 high caliber WRs and RBs and/or a top TE? Or do I play my leagues draft game and look at QB in say round 3, lock one in and then revert back to WR/RB/TE.

QB draft in 2018 looked like this: FYI i know i should have bought into Mahomes, and I’m hoping Wilson or Wentz fall in my league as high upside guys to take.

RND 1 – Brady, Rodgers, Watson
RND 2 – Luck
RND 3 – Wilson, Cousins
RND 5 – Brees, Ryan, Wentz
RND 6 – Newton(me) , Stafford (NB first back up taken here Stafford)
RND 7 – Jimmy G, Big Ben
RND 8 – Prescott, Goff
RND 9 – Rivers, Smith
RND 10 – Mariota, Mahomes
RND 11 – Bortles, Tannehill
RND 13 – Trubisky, Dalton
RND 15 – Bradford

FA Post Draft – Baker, Manning, Carr, Keenum, Allen, Winston/Fitz, Darnold, Jackson, Flacco, Rosen, Tyrod

In a 1QB league I’m happy with those guys in the 7th or 8th as my starter.

If you compete every year I’d stick to what you’re doing.

Don’t review the previous draft too harshly, it’s easy to identify the good picks once you know how everyone performed. Far more difficult to do when you’re On the clock with a 60 second timer!


Thanks i’m of a similar mind just wanted to get some views as this must happen in numerous home leagues where the gap in knowledge and draft approach is fairly wide and diverse player to player!

I have no doubt that Mahomes will be a top 5 pick in my home league and really if a few guys have the 1.01 he could very well go first overall. Not sure i can bring myself to take a QB that early even if people are starting to take their second by then, really hard to trade for QBs in this league though as people over value them so it does give me pause mid draft that i man not get one.

Mind you there is usually a late round guy or a FA that steps up in a big way just need to identify the likely guys - and yeah that 60s timer is the worst!



Ha can’t argue with that and hasn’t failed me so far, i’ll keep this image to hand come draft day - keep me on point

Definitely QB in the mid rounds. I would look at the ADP (your own or a site published) and look for the group you are happy with. I would agree in the 7-8 range as target time. But if you see the first one in the group go, it might be time to jump in. Definitely let the first 4/5 rounds go by regardless, but after that it is not a bad idea to watch your own tier of players.

I find to go in without a fixed idea of round or specific players, and instead look for tiers. When those tiers are hit, I start selecting players. If that makes sense. I think the biggest thing is do not jump in too early, no matter what.

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Thanks that does make sense and is what happened last year, always like to have at least 3 RBs and WRs and ideally a decent TE or one of the top 3 if they fall to me before I’d think about QB and the run usually starts rounds 7-9 after the lunatics go in rounds 1-3!

Tier based is the way this year, I usually tweak the fantasy pros concensus (filtered to trusted analysts only) with my own gut feelings and go with the draft flow.

As long as I can get the right guys in on draft day in those first 4/5 rounds when the first wave of QBs go I’ll be happy as the value can be ridiculous at times

Very smart IMHO. People always jump early and it is hard to see names fly off the board. Just try to remain calm and stay the course! Crushing WR/RB positions in 4/5 rounds is such a sweet feeling.

I like starting with Fantasy Pros as well. I usually let everyone filter in, though, because I think it takes into account people who do not think like I do. I find I tend to ‘agree’ with people who value players like I do :wink:

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That’s fair and those I filter out, it’s really a few that I’ve listened too or checked rankings against before and they’ve been way off or just too left field to be reliable but really just a handful the rest are in.

But it’s a good point, you do need some of those types of takes to make you think about a player differently good or bad those sleeper picks can end up winning you the ship in the end!