How to obtain Julio Jones or Stefon diggs?

Trying to pair two rbs for one of the above

Who should I offer to obtain an above wr?

David Johnson
Marlon Mack
Nick Chubb
Kerryon Johnson

Try Mack & Chubb, but only if they need lots of RB help. That would at least leave you with two solid RBs on your roster. If that doesn’t work, maybe Mack & Kerryon

As a former Julio owner, I wouldn’t consider a trade unless it came with a WR in return. Maybe your leaguemate has a few top WRs and no RBs, so it could be different if that was the case. You may need to get rid of DJ honestly though. DJ and Chubb would be my offer, but I’d also consider throwing in a WR and ask for a RB back.

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When I trade, I very rarely give up RBs without getting one back in return just from a protecting my ass perspective. If this is all the RBs you have, giving up 2 for JJ seems like a very reckless move. You need to at least get one back.

It’s going to take a WR2 (in a best case scenario) with one of those RBs for either option. I’d personally sell high on Mack.

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I also have Sony Michel and am trying to sell high on Mack,
unfortunately I can’t afford to give away a wr; currently have Evans Boyd kupp taquon smith.
I am trying to add depth to my wr

He said he would give up diggs for Mack and dj.
I feel that I’d be giving up to much no?

Ya that’s giving up a lot. Throw in Kupp, ask for Julio and an RB back. I think that’d be fine for your WRs. May struggle with Boyd being on Bye, but Kupp is questionable to play anyways.