How to price Marlon Mack in trades?

Thinking about selling Mack, after back to back 100+ yard rushing games is he a low end RB1? Or a high end RB2?

I was able to flip him and Sutton for OBJ to a team dealing with byepocolypse. Trade value is relative but I hope this gives some guidance.
PS I think I got a great deal getting OBJ

I sold Mack for Allen+ after getting him basically for free in a different trade.

Not to bad. I’m working on a similar trade for obj but struggling on giving up two rbs for him. Think Mack and Gordon sounds fair for OBJ?

Josh Gordon that is

I saw Mack + Kenyan drake for James Conner right before they both blew up.

Looked one sided but turned out to be pretty fair?

I almost died thinking it was Melvin Gordon lol

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If the guy agrees to Mack + Josh Gordon id do it

Haha true as would I but I’m curious as to thoughts on how even that trade is

I can see it making the other team better if they are in need of RBs, but fair is up to you & your trade partner ultimately

Someone on here wants to trade his OBJ straight up for Mack. So I mean, if you have someone not bright like that in your league take advantage.

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I was able to trade Adams and Mack for Diggs and kamara. He’s basically priced at an RB1 right now.

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I traded Mack for Aaron Jones. With Montgomery gone his snaps and touches should go up and his ROS schedule looks better with ARI and ATL in the critical weeks 13 and 14.

I just traded my isaiah Crowell and Kanyon Drake for his Marlon Mack this week.

Traded him and Dak for Rus Wilson and Kenny Golladay. Lost Winston and didn’t wanna trust Dak and I like Having Kenny to backup mike Thomas, sanders, and Landry