How to run your own online auction draft (dynasty)

I have gotten advice on here before to do my start up draft for dynasty as an auction rather than as a snake draft. However, my leaguemates have moved all over the country so we can’t do it live. Does anyone have advice for the best way to do an auction draft for free online? It can be done fast or slow, but slow is preferred.

mfl allows you to do this with a timer that you set. i use 12 hours in my leagues, i have guys all over the world in my leagues, UK, hawaii, etc.

MFL isnt free, but you can cheat the system if you want. Just start up the league, do your auction draft, and copy the rosters, then you can use any site you want to run the league.


So you don’t need to pay MFL before the draft?

Update. Just talked to help center at sleeper app. They are planning on having auction capability before the 2019 season and will release an announcement in 2-3 months. It will allow for clocks up to 8 hours. Excited about that!

you can set entire leagues up, you just have to pay before you can start getting stats for the games.

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