How to start a Dynasty League this time of year


I am the commissioner of an 8 man league that wants to convert to Dynasty this season.

I am wondering how exactly to go about that at this time of year.

Would we still have a rookie draft?

Also how big are rosters supposed to be in Dynasty? Any tips for number of positional spots such as 2 flexes? I have never done dynasty before so any help would be appreciated.

You can’t really convert an already drafted re-draft league into a dynasty. If you want to a dynasty league fairly, you would need to do a completely new draft with everyone being aware of that. Or just make a separate new league.

I have no experience in an 8 team league, but I’d want it to be starting 2 or 3 QB’s (superflex or not doesn’t really matter), 3RB, 4+WR, 2TE, and several flexes. The more flexes and starting spots, the less variance teams will face on a week to week basis.