How to stream kickers - an op-ed

As George Costanza once said, “I-i-i-i-'ve got it!!!”

I think most leagues still force us to start a kicker each week, and short of a few kickers ala Justin Tucker and Greg Zuerlein, the best M.O. is to stream kickers based on match ups. I pity the foo’ who just rides one kicker all year long, regardless of match-up.

So what’s the best strategy for streaming kickers? Knowing Vegas over-unders and implied team totals is absolutely imperative. Ideally, look for games with 48 or more over-unders, then discern implied point totals (O/U divided by 2, then + or - spread divided by 2). From there, go with kickers who are actually decent (for example, regardless of implied team scores i would not suggest streaming the likes of Cody Parky)

Jason’s BOOM BOOM kicker of the week is Zuerlein. Makes sense because LAR’s implied team score is 30.25 and he’s a great kicker, but there is very little chance he is available to stream.

Dan Bailey, however, might’ve been available, as he was in my league. He was my stream this week and he put up 16 points - he might’ve had 19 points if Vikings kicked the FG with 36 seconds left instead of running the ball (what gives? why risk injury on a run play there? But i digress.)

But, if you missed out on Bailey, here are some streaming options who are owned in less than 50% of leagues:

Chris Boswell (PIT) 20.2% rostered. Implied team score 28.75
Mike Nugent (NE) 33.2% rostered. Implied team score 28.75
Jason Myers (SEA) 10.6% rostered. Implied team score 29.75


What about Prater at home against the Giants?

Tbh I’ve just been rolling with Gonzalez from Arizona. He’s only had one week where he’s put up less than nine points and then that Arizona offense is able to move down the field but their RZ struggles only benefits him.

Love it - surprised he is available to stream. Dome kicker a plus.

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I use this same method described above and more often than not it works fine. I also prefer kickers playing at home.

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I’ve tried Nugent, but he stinks. They refuse to even attempt any field goals further than 40 yards. He will get you 5-8 points a week but nothing more than that.

Just faced Bailey in my opponents glory play smh - we are equally matched this week across the board so i’m hoping Prater can match Bailey’s night lol Boswell is available in what should be a easy game for Pitt.

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This is true, I picked Nugent for last week but I’m fading him this week due to those weird decisions from the Pats

I hear you. He’s a solid kicker. But with an implied team score of just 18.75 this week, i think there are better options.

Unfortunately most of live in a world where the kicker and win or lose your week. Gonzales has a pretty safe floor, but if you need upside, i’d look to a better match up.