How to trade for an elite player?

So this guy in my 12-man standard league is 2-4, I’m currently 4-2. What do you think I’d have to give up to get C Mac away from him? This is a money league so I could see there being some urgency

Not going to happen. Good luck though.

Hill and Ingram to start and probably someone else.


No way you can pull this off. Your teams dont match for a huge trade.

Ingram and hill will get a nibble would probably have to give up another guy. Maybe wentz or singletary

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I was going to suggest Wentz, Hill, Singletary and see what he says.
Try and play on the bad Goff week, Mike Evans on a BYE, and Bills vs .MIA week.

As was mentioned it probably won’t happened but worth a shot.

So, no chance of Ingram and McLaurin being a reasonable trade considering they’re both 5/6 at their position?

Not with mclaurin on the redskins and a rookie. Ingram getting little passing volume.

Not even a thought would be given to that, I had cmc last year and I have Terry this year. cmc is a force an unstoppable fantasy force that wins championships, Terry is pretty good for a rookie on a bad team. I agree with the majority of the responses only chance you have is starting with Hill and Ingram and then when they say no my first thought was Wentz I think he’s a better value than Singletary and I’m very low on Goff moving forward, but seeing as you’re getting Cmc going with Singletary would probably sit better with him. I hope you manage to get this you’d be my hero.

Think if you were on the other side. Would you be willing to give up cmc for that? My guess is not a chance, that should answer your question.