How to trade without league approval?!

Okay so we made a trade BUT they vetoed it, anyway we could drop and pick up the players we want before anyone will see on waivers???

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What was the trade?

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I know for my league, players that get dropped require a day before they can be picked up by anybody, including you. So there’s a chance someone with higher waiver priority will see these players and pick them up

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That is a bummer. As @louisgedoulis asked, what are your league rules for waivers? If there’s a wait, (usually there is) you risk the chance of someone stealing the trade. Especially if they know that’s the plan.

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Yeah it does have a day wait , but you know when on Wednesday you drop and get a player quick , what if we wait till 1-2 in the morning and do the swap before the deadline, just a thought
And the trade was
Gore and mckissic
Bills D and Jaq rodgers

I get gore and mckissic

They don’t know

oh yea i answered if you should do this trade. Double check the specific rules because you may still have to wait the full time after the drop, my leagues are 1 day. I hate to see you guys get robbed.

Direct rule quote from ESPN says you’ll have to wait the time frame till the player is available.

“Select the number of days each player will remain on waivers after the draft or after being dropped from a team’s roster. During this time period, team owners can make claims on the player. Waivers are then processed according to the league’s Waiver Order System, and the team with the highest waiver priority that makes a waiver claim will receive the player.
The default setting is ‘1 Day’. Note that player’s added and dropped on the same day will remain free agents. This setting can be changed at any time during the season.”


Thanks so won’t be able to the trade, thanks you guys appreciate it!