How to turn things around?

I am in 8th place (12 teams) with a 3-4 record… here is my team, looking for any thoughts on how to improve. After a recent trade, I still have a free roster spot.

1 QB / 2 WR / 2 RB / 1 TE / 1 Flex / 1 K / 1 DEF
Standard Scoring

QB: Newton, Goff
RB: Kamara, Mixon, Lindsay, Brieda, Powell
WR: Hopkins, Edelman, Robinson, Jones Jr
TE: Ebron
K: Lutz
DEF: Stream week-to-week

For context, I’ve already made two trades, (that in all honesty should not have worked but did :slight_smile:)
I moved Baldwin & Thompson for Hopkins
I moved Olsen & Ito for Mixon

First, those were fantastic trades.
Your team looks pretty solid, but since it’s standard I think an upgrade at WR2 is needed to put your team into that next level.

Thinking the same thing, aside from Hopkins, my WRs lack WR2 consistency…not sure who to go after yet - last two trades were all about leveraging needs…so back at it to see if I can work some other magic :slight_smile: