How to Upgrade

I have a decent amount of WR’s and I’m not super confident in my running backs. What do we think of turning Jacobs, CEH, and Brown into Arron Jones and Gaskin. More ideas are welcome.

I would try to turn one of Jacobs/CEH & M. Brown into Aaron Jones. Don’t trade both.

Are there any running backs you are targeting right now?

James Robinson - Third behind only Kamara and Henry in half PPR. Might be able to swing a deal on the cheap because of the lack of perceived name value.

David Montgomery - Look for him on the cheap. Guys might not like his PPG, but he gets enough volume for weekly RB2 finishes.

Joe Mixon - the injured foot and week 9 bye could keep him out the next two weeks, and a desperate team might be looking to sell. Cincy O-line is bad but just like DM, the volume is there with those potential boom weeks.

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