How to value players in an dynasty auction start up, $250 budget, 18 players?

I’ve been playing fantasy football for 10+ years so have some experience, but this will be my first year being part of a dynasty league. 18 player rosters, can keep as many players as you want, with their value increasing $10 from what you got them the year previous. Because this is the first and start up year, the draft is especially important. Any general tips. The league is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, FLEX, D, so with the ability to start 4 RBs, and the waiver wire likely being very thin, I’m tempted to load up on RBs and try to hoard them.

My specific question is, with a $250 auction budget rather than $200 like I’m used to, how do you value players? I figure with a 1.25 times higher auction budget, maybe the player values are also 1.25 higher. Therefore, if I’m willing to pay $70 for Zeke, 70*1.25, is he worth $87 or so in this league?