How valuable is DEF for dynasty?

Hey ballers. Looking for some insight in a trade for my 8 team .5 ppr dynasty league. It’s my first year, haven’t done a rookie draft yet.

How do you value team Defense in the dynasty format? I ask because I currently hold KC as well as the Colts.

One of the teams “in the hunt” offered me a 1st round pick for the Colts defense. I’m tempted to take it as I’ve fallen to 3-4 so far and could load up in the draft.

Do you hold more than 1 defense in dynasty? Would you take this trade??

I would easily make the trade. In an 8 team league there are likely plenty of options to to stream. Obvious that would depend on your roster size.

The Defence position does not tend to be consistent. A good Def this year could be middling next.

Further, “most” dynasty leagues don’t use the Def postion in my experience. And ones that do, change. Profit now while you can.

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Smash accept that offer, seriously.

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Appreciate the replies and insight. I went ahead and accepted the trade.
Thank you​:raised_hands::raised_hands:

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