How valuable is G. Tate?

Am I the only one that thinks he is going to be a beast in Philly? The footballers talk about how he won’t be the #1 and etc but come on Ertz is “just” the TE, and Jeffrey is an old man.


Tate is 2 years older than Alshon…

oh yea I know that and Tate is an old man as well… I’m just saying that I don’t think Jeffrey is someone that’s good enough to just say that he is the clear #1 between him and Tate

Lol, nice cover on the whole old man thing…


Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business. With that being said, I see Tate being stronger in Philly and putting Ertz on a serious diet. Wentz is going to do a better job of buying time so he can get more open which is where Tate is gold. YAC. Pun intended.

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:joy::joy: well done!

I think Tate will be worse in Philly than he is in Detroit for this year. Takes time to learn offenses and schemes and develope chemistry with the QB. If you recall last year, when Jeffrey landed there, his chem with Wentz was off. Wasn’t until later in the year and really this year where they really developed something. Tate was the primary target in detroit. He becomes the secondary, maybe third target in philly. Ertz has the TE designation but he is basically a WR. Tate def eats into his share but tate isn’t going to erase Wentz’s fav target from the game the new guy.

Mid season trades rarely translate into better fantasy production. i would tame your expectations. Tate goes from a crowded WR group where he was the vet to another crowded WR coup as the new guy.

I’m confident enough to say this, TATE WILL BE LAST YEARS AGHOLOR, BOOK IT!!

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Tate will be like Nelson A was LAST season.

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I think he’ll be better than Agholor was last season cause Tate is just a superior receiver. But that’s not really saying much cause that’s still worse than what Tate was as a lion. Production wise.

Yeah I think he’s better but Nelson had some really nice weeks last year. He just didn’t have a high floor, more boom-bust.

I am not sure Tate maintains his consistent high floor with the move, but he might actually score more touchdowns.

I think this could be a good bump for Kerryon as well.

Tate actually isn’t really that consistent. His boom bust rate is pretty high as well. But still def better than Agholor. ANd yeah that was my main problem with Agholor. Making start sit decisions with him was a nightmare. At that WR2-3 position, I’m not looking for massive ceilings. I get that from my studs. I just look for stable guys who don’t lose me the week.

This would be a bump up to kerryon if the lions coaching staff weren’t morons. If Riddick comes back, it’s going to be even more frustrating to watch them funnel passes to riddick over kerryon who is a superior pass catcher.

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Agreed there. If when Riddick comes back he could get the targets.

Tate is usually good for 10 a week in full PPR. That’s not great but that is something you can stick in a flex most weeks. With the short routes and underneath stuff he is almost always guaranteed targets/catches. He’s not the kind of guy like an outside guy that can get shut down and only get you 4-5 on a week because of match up.

I usually agree with you Mike but I think Tate is a good enough and well experienced WR where he will have an immediate fantasy impact… I think Ertz helps Tate in this case

To each their own. I’m not saying he’ll be bad, I just think he won’t be as good as he’s been in detroit this year. Experience is good but you know who else is experienced? Jeffrey. and Ertz. And they’ve been on the team and getting more experience with their QB for longer. It’s going to take a bit of time to adjust.

I remember this time last year ajayi got traded and everyone thought he was going to be an absolute monster cause of how good philly is and how good their o line is and blah blah blah. Ultimately, he ended up being pretty mediocre because it takes time to learn a new offense. And new offenses for RBs are much easier to learn than new offenses for WRs. Regardless of how “experienced” you think they are.

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I could see the first game in Philly being big even with limited playbook knowledge. The tendencies are not there. Basically a berserk player out there. This happens more often than not then things start to settle down.

In Detroit it was known within a high percentage where he was going. Philly has a free pass to do some really fluky stuff at least on a couple of plays. Send him up the field on a go route. Who saw that coming?