How was everyone's week 3?

Any interesting stories happen in your league that you loved or hated?

For me, I had Fitzmagic in at my qb hoping for 25 points in standard. Wind up tying with my opponent and lost to a tie breaker because he had calvin ridley on his bench. Now 0-3.

I love that i’m 3-0 does that count?

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certainly does, happy to hear of your success!

Won my main league thanks to a 4th quarter TD catch for Chris Godwin. Down 11.5 points going into MNF and needed that TD to pull off a 5 point victory

That last Evans TD netted my opponent the win by 0.92 points, also putting me to 0-3.

Oh and had I started literally anyone on my bench rather than Amari Cooper I would have won, not sure how I let the Raiders trick me into thinking they would keep throwing to their best player.


had a crazy week. I had james Conner and mike evans he haad ryan fitzmagic and Oj Howard. I won by 0.3 points on the last run by james conner. CRAZY

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Scored 140 in standard(10 man) this week 2-1.

I initially setup/started Blake Bortles and Marvin Jones I think Thursday? I got a late weekend message saying that Marvin Jones was questionable. Decided to review my lineup Saturday night and saw Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley on waivers. Dropped Bortles for Ryan and dropped Devante Parker for Ridley. Started both in case Marvin was going to miss Sunday night.

Rest was history :slight_smile:

Edit* Shout out to footballers start of the week Matt Ryan!

3-0 even though i played all the wrong players. Jimmy g on bench vs Cousins. Hyde on bench then cook was out. kerryon and Kenny G bailed me out. Also got 2 trades done. My second league i care about i’m 2-1 and traded Lynch + Hogan for OBJ, so now i’m really stoked to have a roster that’s Rivers, Gurley, Mixon/Breida, Tyreek, OBJ, Boyd

wow i’d be insanely happy with that! solid moves.

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