How was my draft? 14 team league

14 team, PPR – I’ve never been in a league this deep. Excited for the challenge but was a little worried navigating the draft. Especially since I somehow lucked out and got pick 1.01! But waiting 26 turns between picks is awful lol.

Anyways here’s my team, thoughts on how I did?

QB- Matt Ryan, J. Goff
RB- McCaff, C. Carson, D. Singeltary, N. Hines, D. Evans (TEN rookie)
WR - A. Cooper, T. McLaurin, D. Samuel, M. Hardman, J. Jefferson
TE - H. Hurst, J. Smith
K- M. Prater

14 team; really like your picks! Especially if Deebo comes back healthy, could have been the biggest steal for you in the draft!

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Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Makes me feel better lol.

Yeah samuel wasn’t a name that jumps off the board, but I was trying to take a bit of a moneyball approach. Obviously with 14 teams, rosters are gonna be stretched super thin, so consistent production vs. flashy stars was what I was trying to zero in.

Hope it pays off!

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Bumping to hear other thoughts?

Considering this is a 14 team league, pretty solid draft. Only pieces i question are Hines and that TN rookie you mentioned, haven’t even heard of him so i can’t imagine he has much sleeper value. If you had Derrick Henry i’d understand a bit more, but would be the prime drop canidate for a waiver wire add for me.

Also not sure if you did this due to COVID or what but there usually isn’t a need for 2QB’s and 2TE’s, although you did pick a solid pair of high-upside TE’s.

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Full disclosure, I had the last pick of the draft, aka Mr. irrelevant, and that’s who that TN RB was (I haven’t heard of him either). I have no real intention of keeping him but there was literally no one else appealing at this point, just a random dart throw.

Same reasoning kinda goes for my extra QB and TE. I know I don’t necessarily need the backups at this point in time, the pool was so terribly thin I thought I’d grab some backup insurance on the position just in case 1 turned into a stud or something. I wasn’t even thinking of COVID reasons but now that you mention it, the insurance might be nice.