How was Sunday, Footclan?

Was a bit of a weird Sunday, all Saints TDs on the ground and Tyrod getting 3 points in a standard league??

Anything crazy happen in your matchups? Currently down 80.22 to 89.34, but have McCaffrey and the Panthers D in tonight. Fingers crossed, I trust nothing since I went into a Monday a few weeks ago and was 44 points ahead but still lost by 10 (thanks Wentz + Ertz combo). Could play Drake instead of CMC in the Flex, picked him up when Rob Kelley went down, but i think CMC has the higher floor and I just need some consistent points.

Feel free to share victories / miseries from Week 10! Still upset the Bears found a way to lose!

No thanks to my RB’s… (Fournette and Freeman) I could squeak out a win this week as long as there are no stat corrections in my match-up. the current score is 83.38 vs. 83.28. thank god the Pats pulled there starters

Started the season out at 0-3 then 2-5. I’m now 5-5. Losing Zeke hurt big time as I was up against the the strongest roster in our league.

I’m tired for 4th place with the guy I just beat but he has the tie breaker because most points throughout the season. Still 3 games left.

I think I can make the playoffs which I totally thought I was out of when I was 2-5.

The wavier addition of Kamara and a trade for Shepard along with the consistency of Brady have been huge for me.

Well I had four roster decisions to make for this week and so far I’m shooting myself in the foot.

Chicago D over New England D - LOSS
Kroft over Ebron - LOSS
Morris over Drake - TBD but not looking good
Parker or Funchess - TBD… Leaning towards Funchess. Down 6 in non-ppr. Any thoughts on who I should go with?

I’d go funch

I’m feeling pretty good right now. I’ve been on a 3 week losing streak with starters pooping in their big boy pants over those 3 weeks.

I finally turned it around this week (fingers crossed), I’m going into tonight’s game with a 45 point lead. I have Cam and Rashad Jones tonight and my opponent has Funchess & Kuechly. So far I only have one player in single digits which is Freeman. Green, Thielen and Shepard were my studs so far this week. DThomas, Mixon, Engram, Lutz and Wagner all held their own too.

Now I just have to figure out who’s going to replace Freeman for next week…I’m looking at Mixon, Martin or Woodhead. I’m leaning Woodhead if he’s activated.

Good luck to everyone else with a shot tonight!

‘I hope you guys ended up going Funchess over D. Parker like ‘I did! ( at least at this point in the game) wooooooo!

Whew, McCaffrey got me 17 points, won by 10 and movin to 7-3. the next two teams below me are two wins behind in the standings! Lookin good, can’t believe there’s only 4 weeks left til playoffs…

Wow! Talk about me jumping the gun. I thought for sure I’d have no problem winning this week hence my confidence.

Before kickoff last night I was leading 132.4 to 93.7. he had Cam and the Carolina D.

With 8 minutes to go in the game he took the lead 134.4 to 132.4 because of came last TD.

I needed ole Smoking Jay Cutler and the dolphins to march down the field and get 70+ yards and a TD so his Carolina D would lose 3 points. Let’s just say you guys are looking at a new Jay Cutler fan!! The dolphins did just that!

So I now I needed Cam to not get anymore points. And BOOM!! Cam is on the bench!! Game over! I win by 1 point!

I’m now 5-5 (after a very very brutal start to the season I’m very happy about being 5-5) and tied for the 4th and final playoff spot!

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It was my best week of the year thanks to Ingram, Kamara and D. Murray. After the early games I was projected to win 160 to 105 and Yahoo said I was at 99% chance to win. That was before my opponent, who is in last place at 1-8, had the Goff-Woods experience torch me. When the afternoon games were over I was down by 10 and a slow start on Sunday night to D. Thomas, Cooks and Gronk had me really worried. In the 2nd half they pulled me ahead and I had the highest score in our league this week and my opponent had the 2nd highest.

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