How will Dalvin Cook do ROS?

The offense will move the ball and when he was healthy, he was used often in the passing game. He hurt his hammy and reinjured it after coming back for the Rams game. The offensive line has been bad, especially for the run game. Do you guys think Dalvin will not only be ok but live up to his draft position in redraft leagues? He was drafted between the first and third. I say he doesn’t because of the hammy and the bad Oline. What do you guys think?

I think he can live up to it. I don’t think it will be until after their bye though. Against Philly, Murray had 11 or 12 carries for over 40 yards to grind out the win. I think Min realized they can’t expose their D so much and win. They forced the run late last game and had success. It will be a few weeks but I expect the line to be better, Cook to have success, but they are rightly being cautious this early in the season.

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