How worried about Cam should we be?

Rode him all year, the only viable streamers for the playoffs are Jackson (or Flacco), Allen or Carr week 15 and Baker or Keenum week 16. Would you stash any of these or just deal with it at the time, i’ll have waiver priority on the top seed who i’ll likely be playing in week 16 for the ship so he can’t block my top choice.

If the worst happens and Cam goes down, though am i crazy to be worried about him week 15 vs NO anyway? Who would be the plays here?

I wouldnt stash. I traded for cam weeks ago for his juicy playoff matchup and his running floor. Hes playing the saints and the falcons. I would give him a floor of atleast 22

Yeah i don’t want to either, I’ve come this far and he’s been great most weeks and the matchups are good. I’ll deal with it at the time if something happens

its just one of those things if you have room by luck you can pick up a dude but dont plan of cam getting hurt.