How worried should I be about this team?

I thought my draft was great, but almost everyone busted this week and I got Bell and was sniped on Conner. 10 team non-PPR
QB: Stafford and Rivers
RB: Bell, D. Freeman, Collins, R. Freeman, Morris, Barber
WR: Allen, Jones Jr, Robinson, Watkins, Kupp
TE: Rudolph

D was Saints and K is Elliott.

Whew… rough week for you dude. I’d be worried about this team. Try to make some trades or waiver acquisitions. Good luck man

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Not sure why you have 2 QBs, go and grab someone off waivers and drop stafford given the potential injuries today and worse matchups coming up.

Not having Conner kind of wrecks your team. When did Conner go? If you got Bell, you realistically should have reached on conner to secure that pick. Guess you’ll have to pay the price now. Don’t really love most of the guys on your roster but don’t think it’s full panic mode yet.

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Everyone grabbed 2 QBs and I didn’t think I’d have streaming depth. Got Rivers and Stafford in the 14th and 15th. Definitely dropping Stafford for Yeldon or Ekeler.

We drafted after week 2 of the preseason cause that’s when everyone could get together. Didn’t think Bell would skip games at that point so I let Conner slide