How worried should I be at RB; I dropped the ball

So for my auction draft I dropped the ball with RB I personally feel like and had to scramble to figure things out. Listed below is my team. With all the Wr’s I have do you think I could benefit in a trade to form a more solid Rb crew? Or, are my Rb’s not that bad and I’m over thinking?

All advice welcome!!

Qb: Jared Goff
Rb: CMC, Coleman, M. Sanders, J. Jackson, D. Singletary, Damien Harris
WR: Juju, Diggs, Cooks, Boyd, E. Sanders, Anthony Miller
TE: Njoku, M. Andrews.

You’re overthinking it. CMC and Coleman are a great 1/2. Sanders is an excellent RB3 for your squad.

No one wins before the season starts. It’s the waiver moves/trade opportunities and start-sit decisions that make champions.


You’re definitely overthinking it, just as @fun4willis said. However, you do have great WR depth, so depending on the roster settings (2 WR and a flex? or is it 3WR league?) i wouldn’t fault you if you wanted to flip one of those guys into RB depth. You could flip Cooks or Boyd into a decent RB2 like maybe Carson or Collins

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Start the season with COleman, but I think Sanders or Singletary will be your RB2 before the middle of the season. CMC will carry your RB position