How worried should I be?

This week is a must win. Wanna know what you guys think about the outcome of this matchup.

Gonna be close, could go either way…
Good Luck

Could go either way. Hope for Gurley and Hunt/Kelce to have big games.

Considering both these teams are pushing hard for the P/O’s, figuring they’re both counting on possibly having to play their hot targets pretty hard, so…WOW…I know this prob ain’t helping any buddy, but…just thought I’d add my two cents worth here. Damn…good luck my friend. Hope somebody offers something that actually helps. I know I’m going nuts myself. Dadgummit!!! As much as I LOVE FFB…about this time EVERY DADGUMMED YEAR…I SWEAR I AIN’T NEVER PLAYING AGAIN!!!

Yet…here I am!!! LOLOLOLOL

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