How would you deal with this Commissioner?

So in this money league, my commish just “traded” for Zeke. The other team never agreed to this. The commish used the roster changing tools to acquire Zeke through a fake trade

and then changed the other teams line up to try to hide the fact that he did it!

His best players are:
Devante Adams
A. Brown

I’m fine that he traded for all of the other big names on his roster. But unfairly adding Zeke really irritates me.

I’m now concerned that even if I do manage to beat him in the championship, I won’t get my money from this guy.

I’ve already asked ESPN support to help and they said they can’t do anything.How would you handle this?

That’s no commish. That’s a dictator


You call him out using the image as proof, then quit the league and demand your money back.


It also sucks that I found his league through the Footclan forums.

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I would leave this league in a heart beat, couldn’t stand playing with a guy like that who does stuff like that! How could you be proud of a championship if you know it was tainted! Not good my friend

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AND…BEING THE COMMISH NO LESS!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself @Steuck2488

expose him to evryone post it everywhere. and then beat him in the championship and rasie hell if he doesnt pay. unfortunately people suck sometimes.

I emailed him to see if there was any logical reason behind it. I’ll expose him tomorrow, so I’m not stressed out on Thanksgiving.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll post the outcome here for those that are interested.

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So there was confirmation from the other team who had Zeke. They agreed to the trade but weren’t able to get to the computer in time before the trade deadline.
It will most likely be me vs him in the champ game. Wish me luck.

Devante Adams
A. Brown
Matt Bryant

D. Watson
R. Woods
A. Jeffery or Brieda
Jags or Cowboys D
R. Gould

I’m a big proponent of “anything can happen” but against that lineup even with yours don’t see him losing

At this point i’m praying that a player or 2 go on an early pre-playoff rest. but thats a longshot for everyone but Kamara, Mahomes and maybe M. Gordon. I would never wish for an injury to another player, but i’ll take any break I can get at this point Sigh.

You don’t win or lose a championship by setting the lineup. Set your best and ride the fantasy roller coaster!

You are probably ok. Kamara has morphed because Payton is trying to re-create the 09 SB team with the spreading of the ball. M Gordon is not exactly healthy and the Saints will bury Zeke. Hell, look at this week, Kamara barely got 10 pts PPR and only 1 pass.

Hey man I got a nasty team and I’ve lost twice this year

I have



And a bunch of back ups now lol

It can happen don’t lose hope

Absolutely leave this league!!! I did not realize how many leagues experienced poor treatment from Commish… I may start a footclan league next year for those who have been hurt by Commish…HUMBLE BRAG cough not humble cough… I’m a four year commish of a big hodge podge league and each year we “re-vote” on who the commish should be and each year I don’t vote, but I get elected “unanimously”. Genuinely makes me happy and motivates me to keep up the good work.

UPDATE: The planets aligned and I somehow beat his superteam unless LaCosse can put up over 43 points

Why are you allowing trades this late anyways?

Oh and that’s pretty awesome.

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Our trade deadline was a month ago. Just posting the outcome of the final to keep everyone updated

Totally Didn’t notice the Nov in front of the 24th when I looked at this. Lol Good job!