How would you do this trade?

I own James Conner. 0.5 PPR.

Keep Mark Ingram and Benny Snell.

Accept an offer of Allen Robinson and Evan Engram.

im not understanding whos getting what but… i would take the james connor mark ingram and benny snell side

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I have Snell, Conner, and Ingram. Was offered ARob and Engram.

I would make the trade. Robinson is a stud and is the better player on both sides. You’re getting the better player anyways

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accept before its too late

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I already did. Debated doing it though. It’s a 12-Team, Auction, Double Flex League.

I’m shallow at RB now with only Drake, Conner, Edmonds, Joshua Kelley, and Darrel Williams.

But I’m stacked at WR. Julio, Devante, Amari, ARob, and Emmanuel Sanders.